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International Awareness & Involvement

International Awareness & Involvement

The International Awareness and Involvement Committee of the chapter is actively involved in educating and creating outreach initiatives focusing on the African Diaspora. Nationally, the sorority’s main International programs are the Mary Help of the Sick Mission Hospital, the Cynthia M.A. Butler-McIntyre Campus (Elementary School) in Haiti,  and the Delta House in Mbabane, Swaziland. The Dover Alumnae Chapter (DAC) supports these programs as well as organizes local efforts.

Over the years, Dover Alumnae’s International Awareness and Involvement Committee has made an impact by providing school supplies to local international organizations and churches and providing equipment to address the nutritional needs of the rural West Indies Basic School and Merrion Road Basic School. DAC has also provided school and health supplies to address the needs of the rural Western St. Mary's area in Jamaica.

Support for Haiti

On Saturday, August 14, 2021, a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the country of Haiti. The earthquake struck the area 100 miles southwest of the capital Port-au-Prince and caused significant damage in several cities. Haiti's current state is compounded as they address increased COVID-19 cases, along with the assassination of its President, strong civil unrest, food scarcity, and a pending tropical storm amid earthquake recovery and relief efforts.

Chérette Elementary School (also known as the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Elementary School, The Cynthia M.A. Butler-McIntyre Campus) is located 96 miles southwest of Port-au-Prince. Our Sorority has committed to focus on repairs and restorations on campus buildings, purchasing uniforms for students, addressing food scarcity by initiating a breakfast and lunch meal program, purchasing clean drinking water for the children and staff on campus and purchasing clean drinking water and food for the families of the 275 students enrolled at the school to help sustain their home life off campus.

Our chapter is collecting personal care items  and first aid kits until September 26, 2021 that will be delivered by a local church to Haiti churches and missionaries. For more information on ways to donate, please contact 

Items Needs for Haiti:

Personal Care Items (Average or Small Sizes)

Bar Soap/Body Wash




Dental Floss/Mouthwash



Hand Sanitizer



First Aid Kits:

Band-Aids Baggies (All Sizes) Ice Packs

Ointments Disposable Gloves

Pain Medicine Masks

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